Anchorage Information

Waterford Anchorage Information

Berth All Berth
Name position of Anchorage Dunmore East
No. of Anchorage points
Is space reserved No
Depth of Anchorage 10 m Contour = 1.3 cables off breakwater 12 m Contour = 1.8 cables off breakwater.
Maximum size vessel No limit
Maximum lengt vessel No limit
Maximum beam No limit
Maximum draught No limit
Maximum air draught No Restriction
Distance to landing stage Average 3.0 Cables
Distance landing stage to city 12 miles
Describe landing stage Steel pontoon with articulating step, Pax quality, gangway to clear quay wall.
Can ships tenders be used Yes
Are shore launches available Yes, order from port – 1 week.
No. of launches along side 2
Restrictions on launches Yes
Describe restrictions Within fishing harbour.